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How to plan your window replacement project

Planning a window replacement project is not as easy as it seems. It is important to have a clear idea about the steps to take before you start your project.

The first step in planning your window replacement project is to understand your needs and requirements. Below you will find some key points to take into account when replacing your windows.

Things to consider for your window replacement project


Choosing the right window style can make or break your home’s curb appeal. It’s important to make sure your windows are not only stylish but also functional. When choosing your style, take into consideration ease of cleaning and operation.

Frame Material

The frame of your window is what surrounds and supports the entire window system. Choosing the right frame can make the difference between your windows lasting for years vs lasting for decades.


Glazing refers to the glass inside of a window, which can be single, double or triple glaze (sometimes referred to as panes). The more panes you add will equate to better insulation and noise reduction, but will also equate to a higher cost.


Coating glass surfaces with a clear film is the best way to achieve specific goals that are beneficial for your home such as insulation, UV locking and more. The type of coating can vary to create several different effects including privacy or glare reduction.


White has been the go-to colour for windows, and it’s easy to see why. It always works both inside and outside. But white is not the only option; sometimes it’s just not a good choice! Black, brown or grey are all excellent choices, too. And in some cases even more bold colours can work better than white!


Depending on your budget, condition of existing windows and type of window to install, you will have the option of either doing a stud to stud (full frame window installation) or a retrofit (pocket installation).

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How much does it cost to replace windows?

Residential windows will usually last 15-25 years, but the materials that make up each window can have a lifespan of more than 50 years. Home windows are about function as much as they are aesthetics and view.

Window replacement costs are primarily dictated by the size, style, frame, glazing and installation. Because there are many variables that affect the price, getting a quote from a window replacement professional is essential to get an accurate number.

Typical prices of window replacement range from $350 – $2,000 for 1 window. Book an estimate with a professional to see how much your window replacement project will cost.

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