How to plan your roof replacement project

The roof of your home plays a large functional role in your everyday living. Even though the roof accounts for a large portion of the home’s exterior it can go unnoticed till issues arise. However replacing or renovating a roof before such problems occur can prove beneficial in maintaining your home and preserving its appeal.

Roof Replacement

A roofing renovation project involves a number of different components when deciding what you want. Selecting the material type of a roof can be a major factor in the planning process because the material will affect both the longevity of the roof and its curb appeal. Whether you select asphalt, tile or metal, each material brings a distinct look to the exterior of your home.

In addition to its appearance, each material also comes with different benefits that will affect the planning process of your renovation project. There are a number of different features that go into a roof, along with accounting for the materials you also need to account for the insulation, vents, gutters, overall structure, just to name a few. Setting a goal on how you want your roof to look, the expected lifespan, and your budget, is an ideal starting point in planning your roofing renovation project.

Things to consider for your roof replacement project

Style and look

When upgrading your roof, the design and style of the roof must be appealing, as the typical roof accounts for around 40% of a home's visible exterior. An attractive roof merely enhances the look of your home and increases curb appeal.


When it comes to roofing materials, you have several options, ranging from asphalt or wood shingles to corrugated steel and terra cotta tiles. It is up to you to determine the best way to safeguard your most valuable asset, your home. Each material has their own benefits and some perform better in different climates. Depending on the location of your home your selection of roofing material can be limited.

Underlying structure

Beneath the outer layer of the roof there is a structure that holds everything together. Assessing the condition of the roof structure can ensure a solid foundation for the renovation project is durable and effective. If the roof structure does not need to be replaced it can also be reused for the current project.


One of the roof's functions is to help ensure that the house is effectively insulated and has adequate ventilation. If you have poor insulation in your home, this roof renovation project provides an excellent opportunity to enhance it. This may have an influence on the roofing material you choose, the installation of soffits, the design of the flashings, and the overall structure of the roof.


Along with insulation, the roof’s ventilation system provides the intake and exhaust of air to keep the atmosphere inside a home in a comfortable state. Proper ventilation ensures that hot air has a way to vent out. The vent system will be determining the climate that surrounds your home.


Some roof styles and materials need more upkeep than others. If you want to keep upkeep to a minimum, choosing the type of roof and material will affect the amount of maintenance it will need. In roof maintenance, it is important to note the significance of doing any aftercare on your roof safely.

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How much does it cost to replace a door?

There are several things to consider when evaluating how much it will cost to re-roof a home, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some factors that affect the overall cost of a roof renovation is if it will be a partial or complete renovation. The types of materials used play a large role in the total cost of a roofing renovation.

Another factor is the complexity of the home structure can increase the cost of the roof renovation. The size, height and slope of the roof will impact the overall budget of the roofing renovation. The average cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof with a size of about 2500 – 3500 square feet ranges from $7000 – $10000. The price difference can further vary with steeper roofs being more difficult to work on. Some roofs may also have obstacles that need to be worked around, thus increasing labor costs.

Roofing is a difficult trade that takes years of experience. Furthermore, even with the proper training, it is a risky job that demands multiple safety precautions to keep the roofers safe. While home repair projects are popular, the roof is one area where errors cannot be made.

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