Farm House

Generally speaking, a farmhouse kitchen design is very approachable and unpretentious. Infused with personality, farmhouse kitchens feature warm elements such as wood, brick, and metal. Old-school prints, distressed furnishings, and vintage finishing touches contribute to a lived-in aesthetic.

Old World

Old World kitchen designs borrow from the vast array of styles from European history prior to the 1600s. With natural materials and earthy colors foremost in the design palette, an Old World style kitchen combines heavy proportions with luxurious attributes.


Sleek, sophisticated, minimalist, yet functional. That describes the modern kitchen. A modern kitchen has minimalist styling with an open layout and clean lines. It is highly functional with the latest appliances and the use of natural materials. Homeowners that are interested in an efficient space with sophisticated accents will gravitate toward a modern kitchen.

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The traditional kitchen is one of the most popular design styles when it comes to creating a room everyone will enjoy. Traditional styling speaks to a great many people, and it’s a top design choice for many families.

The traditional kitchen allows for flexibility, but it most often relies on simple design while making way for a few bold accents. For example, a white kitchen with black granite countertops might include a standout centerpiece, like a bold red kitchen island. These design choices maintain the overall look of a traditional kitchen while adding a bit of spunk to the design.


Contemporary kitchens are a mix of your personality with functional aesthetics. These kitchen are famous for their sleek cabinetry and sophisticated color schemes. Contemporary kitchens are blended with the modern and minimalistic aesthetic to create a unique look that goes beyond the trends.


Industrial-style kitchens are simple, utilitarian spaces where raw materials and tough fixtures and finishes take center stage — think of surfaces like concrete and steel, exposed brick and plenty of open space. Here are some common elements to look for: Tough materials such as concrete, steel, brick and wooden beams.


Any change from installing pastel appliances to incorporating splashy light fixtures can convert your current kitchen into something you’d find featured in your favorite beach home. These expertly designed kitchens will make you consider investing in a renovation or sprucing up your current space by adding some seashell decor.