Why contests work at shows and events

Engaging individuals at a trade show or event can be a difficult task. Even if you and your team are outgoing individuals, how do you know if that individual walking by your booth is qualified for your product or even interested?

Did you know that more than half of the individuals that walk by your booth and are greeted to “Enter to WIN” are more likely to stop and engage with your contest and booth?

How our contests work

Our contests ask entrants a set of questions that helps filter people and find you qualified leads


Our first question will ask if the entrant owns a home or rents. Home owners will then be asked the style of home they own to determine potential renovations they would and wouldn't qualify for (ie condo owners won't be asked about roof replacement)

Renovation Ideas

If they are not a homeowner, the entrant is filtered out for home renovations. If they do own their own home, they are now asked about future home renovation projects that they might be interested in.

Ask for Quote

If the entrant indicates they have future home renovation plans, we ask directly if they wish to receive quotes for their home renovation projects. We they get their full contact information: name, phone number, email and street address.

Confirm & Send

Once we receive all of the entrants details, our call centre will call the individual to review the scope of their project and gauge their level of interest. This acts as our last level of filtering. Once we are satisfied that this individual is ready for a quote, we will send all of their information to you!

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsor a contest at an event and take advantage of these exciting benefits

Exclusive Leads

Every contest entrant that requests a quote and falls into the specific criteria that you specified will be sent to you exclusively. For each event, we will only deal with one company per category.

Dedicated Rep

During the event, we will send a Home Reno World rep to your booth for several hours to engage show patrons to "Enter to WIN". Rest assured that any patrons looking to talk about your service will be pass along to your team.

Increased Exposure

While we are not at your booth during the event, we will be at another vendors booth! That means, any potential lead the fits your criteria from another booth will still be sent to you as an exclusive lead!

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