From practical function to aesthetics, windows are the perfect finishing to any home. However, when there are damages to your windows, it can affect the quality of life of all occupants. To avoid spending more than necessary, you have to look out for any signs of damage in your windows. So, how do you know that your windows need replacing?

1. Loose Caulk

During window installation, caulk or sealant is used to secure the frame. However, over time, the caulk may crack or weaken -and in extreme cases, completely fade. When this happens, it is a telling sign to replace the window because it could lead to the glass shattering or air leak, which may result in higher costs of heating. Insects and pests may also find a path to infest your home through the loosened caulk.

2. Humidity

Windows are supposed to be weather resistant and temperature regulatory, so moisture on the outside of the window should not be a cause for alarm. However, if you see moisture on the inside of the window, especially for windows that are in the living room -or areas where water on the walls is not natural-, it may be a cause for alarm. It could either mean that the window cannot conduct temperature appropriately or it has a crack that you haven’t spotted. In either case, it is enough reason to get window replacement and avoid water damage.

3. Cracks

Cracks in the glass of a window are the ultimate signal of damage and the loudest alarms for replacement. Weather intensity, forceful impact, and years of use are all reasons for cracks to appear on your windows. If you notice a crack in a window, get a window replacement immediately. Waiting to see how the damage progresses might result in a more expensive and frustrating repair process.

4. Deteriorating Frame Material

The window frame is an essential part to the window’s function and any damage or wear and tear to the frame can be risky for the window. If you notice that the window frame material is weakening or has cracks/wet spots, it could be an indication of damage to the window. It is also a sign that your window has been around long enough and should be replaced.

5. Age

If your windows have been installed for a long period, nearing the end of their lifespan, it may be best to get a window replacement. That way, you get to avoid damages to the material, glass, or your house due to wear and tear of the window.

Window damage can lead to other damages that are frustrating and expensive, especially when you know it could have been prevented by getting window replacement. Look out for these signs and be sure to get a window replacement as soon as you spot any damage.